Term paper outline

Term paper outline

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To facilitate the reading of your dissertation in the future, it is advisable to use the following techniques. The most significant definitions, wording, etc. it is desirable to emphasize or print to discharge, and you can apply both to different functional components of the text. Each logically finished part of the text within a paragraph is desirable to be separated from the others either by rubrication (lower-level subheading), or by an interval line skipping. In such cases, to determine any combination of qualities, properties, characteristics, it is necessary to sum up the appropriate basis, and maybe the basis of their classification or classifications and determine the totality, its completeness, compliance with all the basic requirements for the classifications listed above, as well as specific differences from other similar phenomena, processes.

The text is better perceived if at the end of each such part a brief phrase-summary is given: “so (in this way, etc.), we looked at this and that”, and the part that follows begins with the words: “Now we will proceed to the analysis (substantiation, description, etc.) of this Not necessarily at the end of each paragraph, the chapter to formulate the conclusions of the paragraphs, as is sometimes done.

But the summary, the result of each section should be. It should clearly and concretely formulate what follows from you have worked out the “research apparatus”, which we discussed in detail above. It forms the basis of the introduction. Here, in comparison with the plan-prospect, abstract, due to the availability of space, “space”, the section “Relevance of the study” can be expanded, and also after the “apparatus” added material about the experimental base of the study in which educational institutions it was conducted what contingents of students, etc. In addition, the content of the dissertation chapters can be briefly outlined.

The first chapter, as a rule, containing theoretical material, is commonly referred to as “literary review” in everyday life. But it should not be understood literally. The head of the thesis is not a review, not an essay that you wrote when you entered graduate school, and not a course work on pedagogy or methodology, which students of the pedagogical institute write. In that chapter, you should not only describe and systematize what your predecessors did, but, most importantly, substantiate your own scientific positions, approaches and ideas. Therefore, adopt (and what exactly), and with which you disagree, and why.


Miriam West