Term paper examples

Term paper examples

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It is desirable to be guided in the first stages of working on the text on how much you have done and, most importantly, have you written too much. The approximate volume of chapters and sections of the master’s thesis is as follows: Introduction approximately five pages, Literature review 20-25, Methods 15, Results and discussion about a hundred pages. The indicative figures given only relate to text in the strict sense of the word, without taking into account tables and figures, the number of which is not limited by anything but common sense.

The disadvantage of the “analytical” method is that it requires some training, but time costs are quickly paid back by the quality of presentation. However, sometimes it happens that the abundance of material or the abstract nature of the essay breaks all attempts of the author, who already has some experience in scientific and literary work, to apply this method. Therefore, the structure of the thesis should reflect the nature of the subject of your research, and not the sequence of your experiments and observations, that is, the truth itself (as far as possible, of course), and not your throwing attempts to find it. If you are still writing the first version of the text by hand, follow the rule: no more than one handwritten draft, that is, have written and immediately reprint. The reasons for the advice are as follows: a person is less prone to a critical attitude toward his own work than to someone else’s. Written text to a novice author seems to be understandable and not requiring improvement.

The printed form creates at least a small “alienation effect”, and therefore it is easier to treat such text critically and editing will be more successful. The printed form allows you to immediately look at a large piece of text, which also makes editing easier. The size of the text of the dissertation is measured by the number of typewritten pages (remember, one such page contains approximately 1,800 characters, counting with spaces). It is more convenient for the author and supervisor to edit the text if the first version of the thesis is printed with wide margins. This allows you to place extensive inserts, numerous illustration sketches and work notes. The latter are necessary in the case when the reader finds it necessary to transfer a large piece of text from one section of the dissertation to another, eliminate duplication, or additionally check the stated facts. Expanding the fields when working on a computer is not difficult.

Every time you sit down at a computer to change something in the text, start by taking a copy from the text file and working only with it, send the original file (the previous version of the text) to a specially created folder called “ARCHIVE”. It is also advisable to include the date of its creation or modification in the file name, for example, “Results Results_100922”, which means that you last worked with this file on September 22, 2010. If the date of the change is included in the file name, you can keep in the working folder 2-3 latest versions, arranged in chronological order.


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