Term paper example

Term paper example

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While working on the text of the dissertation, the author notes that his forces are rapidly waning. Cheerfully starting with a few pages a day, he gradually reduces the daily rate, and then does a long break. One of the possible reasons for this decline in performance is an unreasonable daily routine. Dissertants love to declare themselves “owls”, which gives them the moral right not to begin work on the text of the dissertation until late evening. The military service has taught us that, if circumstances make us, any owl will soon learn to sing a morning person. Anyway, it’s worth a try. Lie down at 8-9 pm and get up no later than 4 am A bucket of cold water on the head, a large cup of coffee, and such creative forces will wake up in you that you never knew existed. But scientists are stubborn people, and after a whole day of stupid bustle, our candidate for discernment, having wished the family good night, sits down in the kitchen at the table and tries to overcome the stupidity that rolls on him with the help of coffee and cigarettes.

Do not be stubborn, follow the good advice, and you will save time, effort and health. If you are a happy graduate student and do not have to go to “presence” every day by nine in the morning, try a different mode option. One to one and a half hours of sleep (no more and no less) from about six to seven in the evening, the rise, a bucket of water, a cup of coffee and “Oh, yes Pushkin!”. Four to five hours of hard work and retreat again. In the daytime, you can reprint your writing at night and do anything you want, just to not miss the time of evening sleep. Any of these options for biased mode reduces the number of your contacts with people, which also saves time and effort. Some detachment from the hustle and bustle a prerequisite for any creativity. Even Pliny complained that it was impossible to write in Rome: secular duties interfered.

But then there was no major evil the phone! Your relatives will answer the phone calls: “He (a) is sleeping. Wake up? Thank you, I will call another time. So shift the mode and live on your own planet. There are two more of the author’s sworn enemies alcohol and television. If a large part of creative people somehow learned to cope with the first evil, at least temporarily, the second enemy becomes more and more insidious. Modern TV lives on advertising revenue, the main thing is the advertiser’s demand: looking at the screen, the viewer should not find the strength to tear himself away from it. Organize your life so that you never even pass by a working television. “I will look for five minutes and return to the table,” to do this, you need to have a pathological willpower. Of course, from your workplace you should not hear TV. If it is difficult for you to “put yourself at the table”, follow the advice of Professor V. I. Begun: work in the same place, in the same time of day and in the same clothes. All these little things will help you come to terms with the inevitable.


Miriam West